Our objective is to achieve excellence in all aspects of school life. Our strategy is to develop people – through the knowledge and commitment of our staff, through challenge and support to our children and through working in partnership with our community to see education as the essential route to success in life.

Our vision is for:

  • Our pupils to thrive at Nechells, be respectful, resilient and develop a lifelong love of learning, so equipping them for their future. ​
  • Our academy to provide an inspirational learning environment with outstanding teaching and learning, together with a strong ethos of caring, support and personal development, as well as meaningful connections to the local Nechells community we serve. ​
  • Our staff to be highly professional and passionate about what they do, feel valued for their work and having a wealth of opportunities to develop themselves, progress their careers and maintain a good work-life balance.

We pride ourselves on a ‘no excuses’ culture. We believe that every child has the right to the highest possible standards in their education so that they have the skills they need to succeed in life. Equality of opportunity is at the core of our beliefs, to ensure that our children are prepared for life in modern Britain as a global citizen.

We run a values driven school, understanding that our values shape our behaviours and our behaviours drive our performance, which is the foundation to our success. Our values align with the wider E-ACT Trust, which are:

  • Thinking big
  • Doing the right thing
  • Showing team spirit

We are proud to be a school that places children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural education at the heart of our work, which is demonstrated through our commitment to children’s active participation in a wide range of community partnerships and opportunities. ‘Every moment we practise the right things is a moment that builds habits of excellence’.

Our Curriculum at Nechells Primary

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