Our curriculum challenges and supports all pupils to reach their full potential in all subjects. We aim to provide our pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum which equips them with the skills, knowledge and understanding to be successful in life.

We introduced the Cornerstones Curriculum in September 2014. This is a creative approach to learning built on the criteria for an outstanding curriculum. It ensures that your children learn in the most creative way and are involved in what they are learning. Cornerstones is based on four cornerstones of learning: engage, develop, innovate and express. These cornerstones provide a consistent philosophy for learning throughout school.  

Read Our Whole School Cornerstones Curriculum Overview

Whole School Curriculum Overview 2017-18

TOPIC WEBS – Subjects studied in each year group

Topic Web Year 1 – Spring 1 – Superheroes

Topic Web Year 2 Spring 1 – Dinosaur Planet

Topic Web Year 3 – I Am Warrior – Spring 1

Topic Web Year 4 Spring 1 – 1066

Topic Web Year 5 Spring 1 Beast Creator

Topic Web Year 6 – Spring 1 – Frozen Kingdom

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