At Nechells Primary E-ACT Academy we believe in providing the learning opportunities for all of our children to learn in a safe environment which will enable them to flourish and be successful in their later education and life.

We recognise that some children require a bespoke, tailored approach to ensure they are able to access the learning that they are entitled to.

Below are some of the ways we ensure our pupils have fair opportunities to learn and succeed:

  • Class teachers plan lessons according to the specific needs of all children in their class to ensure that your child’s needs are met.
  • Specially trained support staff can adapt the teachers planning to support the needs of your child where necessary.
  • Specific resources and strategies will be used to support your child individually and in groups.
  • Planning and teaching will be adapted on a daily basis, if needed, to meet your child’s learning needs.
  • Pastoral support will ensure strategies are in place to support children with social and emotional barriers to learning.

If you have concerns about your child’s progress we would welcome a personal conversation to listen to your concerns. Ideally, you can contact the individual class teacher.  If you are not happy that the concerns are being managed and that your child is still not making progress you should speak to the SENCO (Alison Clifford).

Our Curriculum at Nechells Primary

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