Following the Coronavirus closure of our school we will continue to utilise Google Classroom to teach our pupils remotely through our Virtual School

Parent questionnaire

Whilst school is closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak we want to support our children and families through this uncertain time. We have made use of Google to do this.

Google was relaunched this week with a change to the login details you were originally given; this was as a result of feedback from you saying that the login was too long, contained words that were tricky for children to spell and contained a hyphen. The change to their login has tackled these issues head-on.

We are now again seeking your feedback so we can continue to evolve our virtual school offer. Please take the time to answer the following questions so that we can continue to improve and support our children and families better. The questions should take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

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Guidance of support:

The following guides have been created to support:

Virtual Schools: School Work at Home Parent Guide

Virtual Schools: School Work at Home Pupil Guide

Update on Pupil Login Details for Google

We recognise that the previous login details we gave out in our closure letter contained a long email address for pupils to enter which included a hyphen. We have worked tirelessly to make a change to this, following feedback from you. Pupils can now logon by entering their:

We are hoping this resolves any issues caused but welcome further feedback on this. To clarify, if my child’s name is David Beckham then their new login would be

All passwords will remain the same as previous.

What is expected of pupils?

Every day teachers will be setting tasks for pupils to complete from Google Classroom. This may include links to other websites, but pupils will be directed to the website should/if this is the case.Children must complete the work set for them every day. Teachers will be checking how children are getting on and they can use the stream message feature to speak to their teacher if they need any help.Teachers will set some tasks with an accompanying video to support children with completing their work. Children should watch the video from start to finish and pause the video if their teacher asks them to do so whilst having a go at a key concept.If your child is not accessing or completing their work then their teacher will contact you and check on their progress, that they understand what to do and make sure they have enough help to finish the work; just like they would do at school.

When should my child/children complete each lesson?

We recommend that you follow the timetable below to complete all of the activities. Teachers will upload work to complete and these are the times they should be completed.You may choose different times for each activity to be completed; however, you must ensure that children complete everything for that day before the end of the day so that their teacher can check their progress and provide them with feedback. 

Reception and Nurture Class:

Before 09:0009:00-09:3009:30-10:0010:00-10:3010:30-11:0011:00-11:3011:30-12:0012:00-1:001:00-1:301:30-3:30
Getting dressed, having a healthy breakfastJoe Wicks PE Lesson or a Mindfulness activityMaths ActivityBreak including a healthy snackPhonics ActivityEnglish ActivityFree choice activityLunchReading
Activity/ Sharing a story
Monday/ Tuesday:
Understanding the World

PSHE/ E-Safety

Expressive Art and Design

Pupils in our Reception and Nurture class will be encouraged to complete practical activities which will be set through Google Classroom. We do not expect a pupil to be accessing one activity for a full 30minute lesson; therefore, you may wish to stagger activities to suit your child best.

KS1 (Year 1 and 2)

Before 09:0009:00-09:3009:30-10:3010:30-10:4510:45-11:1511:15-12:0012:00-1:001:00-1:301:30-3:30
Getting dressed, having a healthy breakfastJoe Wicks PE Lesson or a Mindfulness activityMathsBreak including a healthy snackPhonicsEnglishLunchReadingWider Curriculum:

Monday: History

Tuesday: Geography

Wednesday: PSHE/
E-Safety/ RE

Thursday: Science

Friday: Music/Art/D&T

KS2 (Year 3, 4, 5 and 6): 

Before 09:0009:00-09:3009:30-10:3010:30-10:4510:45-11:1511:15-12:0012:00-12:3012:30-1:301:30-3:30
Getting dressed, having a healthy breakfastJoe Wicks PE Lesson or a Mindfulness activityMathsBreak including a healthy snackGrammar, Punctuation and SpellingsEnglishReadingLunchWider Curriculum:

Monday: History

Tuesday: Geography

Wednesday: PSHE/
E-Safety/ RE

Thursday: Science

Friday: Music/Art/D&T

How does my child logon to Google and access Google Classroom?

Please click on the link for a user guide of logging onto Google and accessing Google Classroom: Logging onto Google 

How does my child/children complete their work?

Please click on the link for a guide of how a child completes their work using Google Classroom: Completing work using Google Classroom 

How does my child get help from their teacher?

If your child has had a go at their work and they find that they can’t do it because they need more help, they should message their teacher by clicking on their work and adding a private comment. Only they and their teacher will be able to see this.They should never just ‘leave’ the work; their teachers are working hard to create lessons that they can do at home and they want to help you to finish them.If they post a comment in the class stream, a peer may be able to help them.

How should my child communicate with my teacher?

Children can use the message stream on Google Classroom to talk to their teacher and they will reply.  Teachers might not reply straight away as they could be helping someone else.  Your child’s teacher will only reply to your messages between 9am and 3pm.

How can I contact my child’s teacher?

The following email addresses have been created for parents/carers to contact their child’s class teacher:

Teachers will receive a notification of your email and respond as soon as possible; however, they will only respond Monday- Friday from 09:00am- 03:00pm. We would also ask that you are patient as teachers have been very busy completing a number of tasks.Contact can be made with the school office by emailing or calling our school office on 0121 464 2102.

I know what to do and my child is completing their work, why do you keep calling me?

Teachers will be making regular contact with every child in their class; this is to ensure that children have an opportunity to ask their teacher a question or tell them about their home learning. It’s really important for teachers to have this opportunity to speak to the children in their class, so they may ask to speak to your child when they call.In addition to this, key members of our school may also be making contact calls to you. This is to ensure we are able to best support you during the Coronavirus closure.

Keeping Safe Online

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How do I keep my child safe online?

We have shared the following information with pupils in their guide (see image on the left).In addition to this we also have a wealth of information on our website to help support you with keeping your child safe online. This can be found here: your require any further support please contact the safeguarding team by emailing or calling our admin team on 0121 464 2102. In an emergency please call 999 for support or Birmingham Children’s Trust on 0121 303 1888 or 0121 675 4805 (out of hours).

For safeguarding support click here

Contact Information:

You can contact the school office by calling 0121 464 2102 or by emailing –

 for more detailed information about the Coronavirus Closure please click here

Additional Useful Websites and Information during social-isolation:

EYFS/KS1 English Activities:

Username: march20     Password: home

YouTube Channels:

  • CanDo Maths
  • Crash Course Kids
  • Science Channel
  • SciShow Kids
  • National Geographic Kids
  • Free School
  • Science Max

Additional Access Code: PARENTSTWINKLHELPS Activities:

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