Hello and welcome to Year 1!

Transition Booklet Y1 to Y2

Please visit regularly to find up-to-date information from our year group.

Our teacher is Miss Akter and our teaching assistant is Miss Noreen.

Curriculum Information:

In English this half term we will be learning about:

  • Songs and repetitive poems
  • Warning tales
  •  Non- Fiction information texts

In Maths, this half term we will be working on:

  • Measurement.
  • Addition and Subtraction.

In Science, this half term we will be working on: Marvellous materials

In Humanities this term we will be learning ‘Weather experts. During the topic we will learn about British weather patterns in the UK and compare the weather to other parts of the world. The children will explore maps and learn about countries and cities that make up the United Kingdom.

These are some of the current units of work being covered in other curricular areas:

  • Design and Technology: Structures- freestanding structures
  • RE: Being fair and just, Being accountable and living with integrity, Being courageous and confident and Being loyal and steadfast
  • PSHE: Being me and my world
  • PE: Street Dance, Tennis

Please ensure your child is practising their phonics sounds at home daily. The children should be recapping sounds from phases 3, 4 and 5 as much as they can.

Helpful websites:

Enrichment Opportunities:

So far this year, our children have taken part in Forest school and worked with our artist in residence. We have also visited a local church.

This term, we will be visiting the Think Tank.

Later this year, we will also be visiting the Black Country Living Museum.

Key Dates:

Our PE lessons will continue to be on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Please remember to bring in correct P.E kit.

Homework will be sent out each Friday, please send back by Monday the following week.

Knowledge Organisers:

Knowledge organisers will be sent home with children in their homework at the start of each unit. Please continue to help your child learn these important facts as we have quizzes and lots of prizes to be won. The benefits of Knowledge organisers is they give children the “bigger picture” of a topic. Some topics can be complicated, so having the essential knowledge, clear diagrams, explanations and key terms on one document can be really helpful. Regular retrieval of knowledge helps us

remember more effectively. Research shows that our brains remember things more efficiently when we know the ‘bigger picture’ and can see the way information in that subject links. Making links, essentially, helps information move into our long-term memory resulting in children learning more.

Knowledge Organiser- Science

Knowledge Organiser- History

Knowledge Organiser-Geography



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