What is the Sports Premium Grant?

The purpose of this funding is to ensure improvement in the quality of sport and PE provision for all children.

  • We will ensure that sport and PE provision addresses the needs of all of pupils, including those who belong to disadvantaged, vulnerable and gifted groups.
  • Primary School Sports funding will be allocated following a whole school needs analysis which will identify priority classes, groups and individuals. In order to address any (identified) areas of need, this funding may be used across particular classes, key stages or whole school.


The range of provision that may be considered could include:

  • Group work with an experienced sports teacher, focused on overcoming gaps in learning
  • Increased pupil participation in sports
  • Additional teaching and learning opportunities provided through Professional development courses
  • Cover release for professional development
  • Quality assured CPD modules/materials
  • Specialist Sports teaching
  • Qualified Sports coaching
  • Change 4 Life sports clubs
  • Sports competitions
  • After School sports clubs
  • Holiday sports clubs

All our work will be aimed at increasing attainment, participation, improving confidence and skills and encouraging a life-long love of sport together with an understanding of the health benefits participation in sports activities offers.

PE and Sports premium

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